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Homophobes Attack Congressional Black Caucus Over Equality Act

Homophobes Attack Congressional Black Caucus Over Equality Act

A right-wing group's open letter compared civil rights voices favoring the pro-LGBTQ legislation to Judas.

A right-wing group aims to spark outrage among black voters over an impending vote on the Equality Act.

Organizers for the Gone 2 Far Movement released an open letter through Christian Newswire attacking leadership from the Congressional Black Caucus.

The bizarre rant, signed by failed Congressional candidate Stephen Broden and right-wing radio host Randy Short, suggests the "Gay Equality Act" will set back minority rights.

The letter singles out Rep. Karen Bass, CBC chair, and other caucus members for refusing to "defend the real purpose of the 1964 Civil Rights Act as a scam to make 'Gay the New Black' wherein pedophiles, sodomites of all stripes, and persons of debased fetish needs are accorded protected class status akin to Blacks and women."

The letter compares a vote for the Equality Act to the biblical story of disciple Judas Iscariot betraying Jesus Christ, though its unclear how many pieces of silver were exchanged or who will be crucified should the legislation pass.

Writers said caucus leaders "have determined to vote in favor of trivializing the historical suffering of Blacks as akin to a sexual desire, imperil the religious rights and values of Black churches and educational institutions, add new impediments to struggling Black communities, and significantly increase sexual violence and crimes against vulnerable demographic groups."

Of course, the Equality Act does nothing to weaken the Civil Rights Act. Rather the legislation expands the landmark law and other federal statutes to explicitly prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

But the letter also raises a host of other unrelated issues, in some cases supporting discrimination against other marginalized communities like immigrants and their children.

"The CBC has made the agenda of the democratic party their sole concern to the detriment of Black Americans across our nation," the letter reads. "The CBC champions the gay agenda, DACA, open boarders (sic), socialism, infanticide, the impeachment of President Trump, liberal bigots, and now Nancy Pelosi's push to redefine the 1964 Civil Right Act to include the moral agenda of the LGBTQ community."

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