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Ala. Chief Justice Who Said 'Gays Will Destroy Nation' Reelected

Ala. Chief Justice Who Said 'Gays Will Destroy Nation' Reelected

If you think Tuesday's election was a national endorsement of equality, that memo escaped Alabama's voters: they reelected a former state Supreme Court chief justice who was previously fired for refusing to take down a monument to the Ten Commandments and who believes "gay marriage will destroy the nation."

After being fired in 2003, Roy Moore handily won reelection on Tuesday as Alabama's most powerful judge. Moore bested two other opponents and received over 50% of the vote. Since he was removed from his position nine years ago after refusing federal orders to take down his religious monument, Moore hasn't had a change of heart about the separation of church and state. His victory party on Tuesday featured a cake shaped like the tablets of the Ten Commandments, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Moore also has no qualms about airing his biases of LGBT people. While campaigning earlier this month, he told a crowd of Tea Party supporters that "same-sex marriage will lead to the ultimate destruction of our country. " Click here to see his diatribe.


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