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WATCH: Antigay Pastor Says 'Upscale Sodomites' Spread Ebola at Starbucks

WATCH: Antigay Pastor Says 'Upscale Sodomites' Spread Ebola at Starbucks

You can get much more than a venti latte at Starbucks — you can get Ebola too, because of the “upscale sodomites” who frequent the coffee chain, says the wildly homophobic minister James David Manning.

“Starbucks coffee stores are in fact ground zero for spreading Ebola and other diseases,” says Manning, the pastor of ATLAH Worldwide Missionary Church in New York City’s Harlem neighborhood, in a YouTube video posted yesterday. This, he says, is “because of the clientele of Starbucks — generally upscale sodomites who frequent Starbucks who sit there with their computers. It’s a meeting place — they exchange a lot of body fluids. Hands shaken, a lot of contact.”

Manning’s past outlandishly homophobic remarks include saying that President Obama has “released homo demons on the black man” and that gay athletes are pedophiles. His church has displayed signs that claim Jesus would punish LGBT people with stoning and that anyone who supports them should be cursed with a fatal illness and then go to hell.

In his latest rant, he also says closeted gays meet at Starbucks for clandestine sex, and that Obama is letting Ebola spread so he can impose martial law. Watch below, and for a more LGBT-friendly Starbucks story, go here to check out the company’s new ad, which would undoubtedly make Pastor Manning hate the chain even more.

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