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Fourth Trans Woman of Color Murdered in June

Fourth Trans Woman of Color Murdered in June

Last Thursday, Tiffany Edwards — a 28-year-old transgender woman of color — was found shot to death in Walnut Hills, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati. Edwards’ death marks the fourth trans woman of color murdered this month, and the fourth trans woman murdered in Ohio since January 2013.

According to Monica Roberts at TransGriot, Cincinnati Police are in search of Quamar Edwards, a suspect in Tiffany Edwards’ murder. The suspect is 5’10”, weighs 250 pounds, and has a last known address on the 1000 Block of Winfield Ave. in Cincinnati.

As is often the case, reporting of Edwards’ murder featured a number of media missteps. Cincinnati's WKRC referred to Edwards by her former name, and called her “he.” In only a slight improvement, the outlet's website has since removed all pronouns, leaving awkward sentences that begin, “The person found dead…,” while the video retains the misgendering.

Earlier this month, Zoraida Reyes of California, Kandy Hall of Maryland, and Yaz’min Shancez of Florida were all found dead. In every case except Reyes’s, which has been listed as “suspicious,” local police have ruled these deaths homicides.

Trans women recently killed in Ohio include Cemia Dove, Betty Skinner, and Nicole Kidd-Stergis. Dove’s murderer was convicted last November and sentenced to life in prison, a suspect has been charged in the death of Kidd-Stergis, and at the moment, Skinner’s killer remains at-large.

After Dove’s death last year, Cleveland’s Plain Dealer covered her death in a way described by GLAAD as “horrific,” repeatedly referring to Dove as a man, printing in unrelated details about a past arrest record, and making references to her being “oddly dressed.”

The problem of botched reporting of trans subjects is so prevalent that GLAAD has issued both a general Transgender Media Reference Guide, as well as a guide specific to covering victims of physical assault.

Anyone with information related to the whereabouts of Quamar Edwards or other relevant information related to this case can contact Cincinnati Police at 513-352-3040.

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