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WATCH: Meet the Trans Christian Woman Fighting for Mississippi Equality

WATCH: Meet the Trans Christian Woman Fighting for Mississippi Equality


In a possible first for trans visibility in a televised public education campaign, Blossom Brown shares her story with HRC's 'All God's Children' series.

While the Human Rights Campaign's new Mississippi-based public education campign "All God's Children" has drawn much attention -- and ire, when it comes to Baptist leaders -- to the state's struggle for marriage equality, the LGBT rights group says their goals are much broader than strengthening public support for equal marriage.

Today, HRC launched its fourth video in a series of televised ads, this time focusing on Blossom Brown, a transgender woman and public health student who attends the Mississippi University for Women.

Brown may be the first out trans woman to be featured in a televised LGBT public education campaign.

In the video below, Brown talks about her deeply held religious beliefs and coming out to her parents as trans. Rather than addressing a specific political issue, her story is part of the campaign's aim to "change hearts and minds" by raising awareness of everyday LGBT people who live, work, and attend church within Mississippi communities. Several of the campaign videos include insight into how parents can accept their queer and trans children.

"My dad, he did have a problem with it," Brown recalls of coming out to her devout Christian father. "But my dad's the type of person [who] doesn't judge. ... Christians, they love everyone. It doesn't matter who you are. At the end of the day, I'm still his child."

Hear more from Brown below.

The strikingly religious tone of Brown's story, as well as the entire All God's Children campaign, is a carefully chosen approach, HRC explains in a fact sheet. In setting its sights on the Deep South, starting with Mississippi -- the state HRC considers "the most religious ... in America," with its estimated 55 percent Baptist-identified population -- HRC's researchers concluded that engaging a large majority of Mississippians in the fight for LGBT equality would be nearly impossible without discussing it in the context of faith.

"The campaign's overarching message is straightforward," reads a statement introducing the campaign. "We live here. We work here. We go to church here. Have children here. Pay taxes here. We serve in the Armed Forces. We volunteer in our communities. We are your neighbors, your coworkers, friends and family. We are young and old, men and women. We are all God's children. It is only for God to judge, not us. We need to treat everyone with respect."

With this simple yet powerful approach, HRC launched All God's Children as part of its $8.5-million "Project One America" initiative to enhance its presence in several states that offer no protections for LGBT citizens. The project aims to establish HRC offices throughout the Deep South, including in Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas, where public education can bolster efforts to pass pro-equality legislation pertaining to marriage, trans rights, and basic protections in housing and employment for LGBT citizens.

In addition to TV ads like Brown's, HRC says it plans to engage tens of thousands of Mississippians in conversations door-to-door, in prominent public spaces, on the phone, through mailings, social media, and online and billboard ads.

Ultimately, the four-week campaign hopes to remind Mississippi residents of the "golden rule" that underlies most major religions, explains HRC: Treat others as you wish to be treated. Brown couldn't agree more, despite how she also draws attention to the need to embrace difference.

"I want people to understand that we are people too," she says.

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