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Savage: Parents of Trans Teen Who Ended Life Should Be Prosecuted

Savage: Parents of Trans Teen Who Ended Life Should Be Prosecuted

The world continues to react to the death of Leelah Alcorn, a transgender Ohio teenager who took her life on Sunday, with columnist Dan Savage sending several tweets that heaped blame on Alcorn's parents,

In Leelah Alcorn's suicide note posted on tumblr, she described how her parents refused to accept her transgender identity, pulling her from school and friends and taking her to "Christian therapists," After Alcorn's death, her mother posted a Facebook message that referred to Alcorn as her son (Alcorn's funeral was held Friday, but moved because of death threats.)

The typically-outspoken Savage, who's had his own issues with transgender rights, unloaded on Twitter, clearly placing blame on Alcorn's parents and those therapists; see some of them below. Meanwhile, in light of Alcorn's death, a Change.org petition is urging a federal ban on LGBT "conversion" therapy, which attempts to rid youth of their queer identity. The practice has already been banned in states like California and New Jersey.

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