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Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants Divorces? The Papers Are Already Filed

Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants Divorces? The Papers Are Already Filed

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Why all the surprise about the idea of states divorcing? They are already trying to separate themselves from transgender people, drag queens, people of color, and the Chinese, to name just a few.

I loathe the fact that I’m giving more publicity to Marjorie Taylor Greene, but that will be the last time I mention her name in this column.

Late last week, appearing on Sean Hannity’s DJT propaganda show, Greene said there should be a divorce between red states and blue states. What she was implying, and you don’t have to be a divorce attorney to read between the lines on this one, is that all white straight Christian conservatives should live in red states, and everyone else, particularly marginalized people, should live in blue ones.

Her point was anything but subliminal. It was an explicitly racist comment. And reaction by the media was over the top, as it usually is when she allows her befuddled brain to download garbage and spew the bafflement out of her mouth. But why all the fuss this time? Anyone paying attention knows that red states have been filing divorce papers for those of us considered — by them — to be “different” for quite some time.

All the prohibitive election laws that were passed in a plethora of mostly Southern states in the last few years were restraining orders against Blacks and other people of color. The numerous anti-voting laws basically said to these disenfranchised groups that they shouldn’t come within 500 feet of a polling location, a drop-off box (If they are even allowed.), or a mailbox. These states made it so that white people, with IDs with white people’s faces on them, were the only ones allowed to vote.

White straight Christian conservatives are making child abuse accusations against the parents and doctors of transgender youth. Do not be fooled. This is not for the benefit of the child. It is a stunt designed to isolate these children from their white straight cisgender peers. There was a time it was considered child abuse for a parent to deny their child the medical treatment they need and deserve. Now it's part of the divorce settlement.

Allegations akin to porn addiction — a not much talked-about condition for divorce — are being levied against schools, libraries, librarians, and teachers that harbor destructive, addictive, and insidious books about sexuality, race, and slavery. In other words, books that tell the truth.

Red states are already on the way to making sure that their homogeneous white straight Christian conservative populations read only stories that are about white, straight, Christian conservatives who are the lone, heroic founders of freedom for whites only, and the lone arbitrators for the rule of law.

And taking us back to a time when Mickey Rooney portrayed an Asian, guessing that Sidney Poitier was coming to dinner would be a wrong answer, and when French fries were deemed un-American and replaced by freedom fries, now comes Texas with irreconcilable differences with anyone who is Chinese. A new state bill would make it illegal for Chinese citizens to buy property, including homes, in the Lone Star State.

It should come as no surprise that Gov. Greg Abbott thinks it’s a great idea, so much so that he agrees that Russian, Iranian, and North Korean citizens should be barred too. Just like "don’t say gay" bills, outlawing drag performances, and excluding trans kids from sports, the anti-Chinese bill will catch on like wildfire, as other red states race, before the 2024 election, do the same thing.

The thing about divorces is that they are ugly, particularly the breakups by red states as they all start diving into separating from all marginalized communities. This does not bode well. It’s just going to get more brutal, particularly for those who are in the minority, and are being outspent on high-priced and high-placed advocates, who deceitfully have the upper hand.

What this means is that there is no room for an arbitrator, or in these red state cases, an independent. The last several elections, 2016, 2018, 2020, 2022 have all shown that most Americans don’t want divorces. What they want is reasonable, accepting, equal coupling among all of the states. Independents and fair-minded people also realize that no relationship is 100% harmonious, but they also expect that moderation exists in order to keep the relationship intact.

However, many divorces are inevitable. And when they happen, the couples go their separate ways, they no longer hang out with the same crowd, their kids go to different schools, and comity is essentially shattered, a new way of life beckons for those affected.

There is tremendous acrimony in response to all these red-state racist laws, whether they deal with voting, trans youth, drag queens, critical race theory, or nationality. The victims of the red states' unabashed race to racism will go where they feel welcomed, most especially those with kids. Why would they feel the need to stay in a marriage with a red state when they are being cheated on with a zero sense of guilt?

If you have a gay child, why would you live in Florida? Or, if it passes in Alabama, Ohio, or Louisiana, to name a few, why would you subject your gay children to being second-class citizens if you live in Mobile, Columbus, or Baton Rouge?

If you have a bright, Black child, why would you live in a state without an AP African American studies program? If you’re of Asian descent, why would you even consider living, let alone visiting, Texas? If you are Black or a person of color, why would you live in Mississippi which has some of the toughest voting laws in the country that are designed to discourage – not encourage – minorities to vote?

If your children are questioning their sexuality or secretly wondering who they might be and want to find out more about what they’re feeling, why would you live in a state like Utah, where in some places permission slips are required for youngsters to check out LGBTQ+ library books?

See what’s happening? Families are splitting from their homes, moving to new places where they’ll be accepted, starting new lives where they feel safe, and raising their children in environments that allow them to learn and grow without restrictions.

Divorces suck. They are painful. They tear at the very fabric of your emotions. But all that be damned if you live in a red state which storms ahead without remorse. Doesn't it border on stupidity to call for divorces when the splits are already happening? Sounds like something Greene might do.

John Casey is editor at large for The Advocate.

Views expressed in The Advocate’s opinion articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily represent the views of The Advocate or our parent company, equalpride.

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John Casey

John Casey is a senior editor of The Advocate, writing columns about political, societal, and topical issues with leading newsmakers of the day. John spent 30 years working as a PR professional on Capitol Hill, Hollywood, the United Nations and with four large U.S. retailers.
John Casey is a senior editor of The Advocate, writing columns about political, societal, and topical issues with leading newsmakers of the day. John spent 30 years working as a PR professional on Capitol Hill, Hollywood, the United Nations and with four large U.S. retailers.