Six Men Beat Gay Couple Leaving French Club

Facebook/Clement Grobotek

A selfie of Clement Grobotek of Montpellier, France, snapped after six people taunted him and his boyfriend with slurs, then viciously beat them, is going viral on the Internet.

The couple, in their early 20s, were leaving a nightclub Tuesday night when the trouble started, Grobotek posted on Facebook.



"A car passed,” Grobotek said, and when he heard antigay insults coming from the people in it, he shouted back.

Four people immediately jumped from the car and set upon his boyfriend, Aaron, while two more attacked Grobotek. 

Aaron got the worst of it: He was beaten so badly, said Grobotek, that he still cannot speak.

“I managed to remain conscious, but when I turned around, I saw that my boyfriend was down and he had blood in the head,” Grobotek said, adding that their attackers also dragged Aaron, bruising his ribs and leaving road-rash-style burn marks on his body. 

Grobotek suffered a busted lip and required four stitches to his head.

In his Facebook post, he sent a message to their attackers: 

“Obviously, in addition to being intolerant, you are also cowards! But you know what?You will always be powerless! You can strike and strike again, you never will remove the smile you see on my face, and will not prevent me from loving my guy more than any!”

The post below is in its original French. Click "See Translation" to read it in English.


Cette nuit ,nous nous sommes fait insulter puis tabasser par des homophobes en sortie de boîte de nuit . Inutile de vous...

Posted by Clément Grobotek on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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