The Gay Men Project

Kevin Truong has amassed thousands of photos of gay men all over the world, proving there is an activism in just existing openly.



Thiago, Event Producer, Rio De Janiero
Thiago, in his own Portuguese words: “Ser gay para mim significa saber quem sou e o que quero. Significa assumir os meus sentimentos e não reprimi-los por causa dos outros. Ser feliz como eu sou dando importância a mim. É entender que o amor indefere do sexo, mas que sexo é um fato para se ter uma vida mais prazerosa, saudável e prolongada."


Noam and Daniel, Architects, Tel Aviv
Noam and Daniel, in their own words: “Tel Aviv is quite a liberal place within a not-always-liberal country. It is a bubble, in many ways parallel to how NYC is viewed within the U.S."


Thach, Wardrobe Stylist, Ho Chi Minh City
Thach, in his own words: “When I was 18, I told my mom that I was gay. Both of us cried a lot. She was worried that I had been affected by my gay friends and she wanted me to go to see doctors. I explained to her that I was not sick, it was just who I am. After calming down, she said she could not force me to be someone else and told me to become a good man and make my family proud."

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