Bookshelf: Five Great Overlooked Lesbian Books From 2012

Every so often a great book about queer women goes overlooked, much to readers' chagrin.



A Theory of Small Earthquakes by Meredith Maran (Soft Skull)

The debut novel from award-winning lesbian journalist Meredith Maran is a heartfelt and wrenching story about love, sexual fluidity, and the families we create. Set against the backdrop of San Francisco's political upheaval over two decades, the book follows Alison Rose, who has been with another woman, Zoe, for many years when she leaves Zoe for a man and a "normal life." Zoe will come back into her life, though, and how Alison handles the love of these two people and two genders, and how her son factors into this world, is the beauty of Maran's audacious novel. (

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