16 Great Books to Read This Week

From gay surfing detectives to male flight attendants, lesbian werewolves, and confused boys escaping Gypsies, the rapture, or themselves, here are some fun reads.



The Lone Hunt by L.L. Raand (Bold Strokes Books)

Forget Twilight; this is vampires and werewolves for queer women. Ancient vampire loyalties are put to the test in Rand's newest novel. Werewolf pack leader Sylvan Mir is forced into battle and must confront a one-time lover, vampire chancellor Francesca. Her role in a recent attack calls all allegiances betweent the two sides into question. A war looms near in the Adirondacks as sides clash and divided clans face obstacles. The renowned author packs the vampire tale with unexpected obsessions, violent betrayals, and erotic temptations. (BoldStrokesBook.com, $9.99)

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