16 Great Books to Read This Week

From gay surfing detectives to male flight attendants, lesbian werewolves, and confused boys escaping Gypsies, the rapture, or themselves, here are some fun reads.



My Mother's Wars by Lillian Faderman (Beacon Press)

Internationally known scholar of lesbian history and literature Lillian Faderman writes the tale of Mary Lifton, a woman who abandoned her family for a life in New York in the 1930s. Becoming a garment worker and a member of the growing Jewish diaspora Lifton struggled to survive both economically and socially. And the goal of rescuing her family from Latvia seems impossible after Lifton suffers from two forced abortions and bearing a daughter she'd never see again. Faderman expertly explores a jarring view into the immigrant life of Jewish Holocaust survivors living in the US. (Beacon.org, $25.95)

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