Brüno 's Over-the-Top Deleted Scene

Sacha Baron Cohen's Brüno is intended to raise eyebrows. But the most shocking scene of all was axed in test screenings. Out director Richard Bay saw the film with that scene in place -- and he was not amused.



Some scenes in Sacha Baron Cohen's Brüno are intended to raise eyebrows and provoke a strong response. But the most shocking scene of all was axed before the film hit theaters.

Spoiler alert: The title character Brüno is a hyper-gay exaggeration who looks for fame in Los Angeles after his excommunication from the fashion world of his native Austria. The search for fame proves as difficult as capturing a spotlight swirling over Hollywood Boulevard, but he does find love in his assistant.

In a cage.

In a cage match.

In a cage match in Arkansas, before an angry crowd that would rather see two men tear each other apart than engage in a gay make-out session. From there, the movie cuts in a different direction, but original versions allegedly included a violent reaction from the crowd that left the two new lovers bloodied and disabled from a wincing gay bash.

The two later announce their marriage in a press conference, but only Brüno speaks. His fiancé looks brain-dead -- drooling on himself in his wheelchair.

The scene is played for laughs…and got them, reports .

Voicing his discomfort with the original ending, writer-director Richard Day ( Arrested Development, Ellen ) said that others in the audience of a screening he attended back in January defended it. Day and actor Jack Plotnick were the only known gay members of the crowd, the director said.

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