28 Sexy (Movie) Men in Uniform

The recent release of two DVD/Blu-rays that offer up sexy men in uniform (see below for which ones) inspired us to come up with this master list of nearly 30 of our favorite movie men.



Richard Gere and David Keith in An Officer and a Gentleman (1982)
Superb acting, great romantic film, with the main thing everyone remembers about An Officer and a Gentleman: a scene in which Richard Gere (a independent Naval officer candidate known as Zack Mayo) charges in to the workplace of Debra Winger (with whom he's had a embattled love-hate courtship) in his full Navy regalia and swoops her off her feet and presumably out of her dead-end life and into his bed (er, life) while the Oscar-winning song "Up Where We Belong" plays in the background. In your vision, keep the song, replace yourself with Winger and, well,  you get why the scene has been recreated for both comedy and drama in subsequent films and TV shows and SNL skits.

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