Hot Sheet: Take a Holiday Break

The top 10 entertainment highlights on our gaydar during this holiday break: Beyonce's little sister, Les Mis of course, and the Disney songbook.



4. STREAMING FILM: Musical Chairs
Director Susan Seidelman’s (Desperately Seeking Susan) latest film, Musical Chairs, is now available streaming free online for a limited time. A unique blend of dance, drama, and romance, the film stars newcomers Leah Pipes and E.J. Bonilla as a pair of unlikely lovers in New York who must navigate a labyrinth of challenges as they both try to break out of their restrictive — but polar opposite — worlds to find one another and themselves. A truly heartwarming story of overcoming challenges and quieting the critics in one’s head, the film also stars transgender actress Laverne Cox as a sassy wheelchair-bound transgender dancer who shows female lead Mia (Pipes) that ballrooom dancing need not be a pastime reserved for the fully able-bodied. Seidelman says she wanted to share the film as a holiday gift to encourage viewers to embrace diversity in all its forms, be it physical, cultural, or gender-based diversity. Watch the entire film free through December 31, right here.

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