Hot Sheet: Well Strung

The top 10 entertainment highlights on our gaydar this week: from a festival of Fresh Meat to a Batt on a Hot Tin Roof.



9. BOOK: Battle Axe by Carson Taite
Summer is made for sexy beach reads, and Carson Taite's latest novel, Battle Axe (Bold Strokes Books, $16.95), which follows  lesbian bounty hunter Luca Bennett, is the perfect pick. Luca is contacted by a woman from her past asking for help, and always-chivalrous Luca decides to lend a hand, leading into the world of organized crime. There's more drama at home too: A sexy cop, an enigmatic mystery woman, and a family reunion all add to the suspense, especially when Luca's personal and professional lives collide. While paperback is for the purists, the book also comes in e-book formats.

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