Hot Sheet: A New Quiver

The top 10 entertainment and events highlights this week, from new Arrow episodes to the much-anticipated return of Veronica Mars. Oh, and Liza.



4. EVENT: Bid on Marlene Dietrich's Stuff, March 19
Now anyone with a couple of extra bucks under their mattress can own something that once belonged to the woman who was the epitome of old Hollywood glamour, Marlene Dietrich. Notably, during that golden era, the bisexual actress kissed a woman on-screen, pants become in vogue for women, and looked better in a sharp tux than any man. Several of her items, including her famous tux, her correspondence with Ernest Hemingway, and her old Underwood typewriter, will be on display in the historic Max Factor Building in Hollywood. Bidding will begin Wednesday on — Michelle Garcia

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