WATCH: Brad Bell and Jane Espenson Talk about Gay Husbands at WonderCon

Just as the first graphic novel of the popular gay webseries Husbands is released, we caught up with the co-creators to talk it up.

BY Jacob Anderson-Minshall

April 27 2013 2:00 AM ET

Jane Espenson and Brad Bell talk about the web series turned graphic novel Husbands at WonderCon 2013 

The web series Husbands follows gay newlyweds and celebrity couple Brady (a professional baseball player) and Cheeks (a famous actor) who woke up following a drunken weekend in Vegas to found themselves married. Their wedding becomes public and the couple — fearing a quicky divorce would only provide fodder for the anti-marriage equality contingent — decide to stick it out; to humorous effects. The only show featuring a relationship between two out actors, the series is also the most critically acclaimed program to emerge from new media.

Husbands creators Jane Espenson (the TV writer behind hits like Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Brad Bell (who also plays Cheeks on the show) take time out — at the recent WonderCon 2013 in Anaheim, Calif., where Husbands and its creators were a big hit — to talk about having the only entertainment series built around marriage equality, transforming Husbands into a graphic novel, and being in talks to bring the show to  

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