Time to Smile



Mark Morris Two x390 (courtesy) | Advocate.com

Morris has recently finished an autobiographical book, Looking For Love Under Landmines, which is over 300 pages and documents the trials and tribulations of growing up gay in a conservative environment, childhood prostitution, and finally gaining some closure on domestic abuse that lasted over two decades.

In addition, Morris spends at least five days a week performing music on Hollywood Boulevard — channeling gay icons such as Lady Gaga and Madonna.  Of his love for music, he stated, “I love to perform; I love to embrace who I am and many artists, Lady Gaga specifically, has improved things for those in the LGBT community.  She is making it a priority to make acceptance inclusive to all people.  With my new smile, I can finally sing with complete confidence.”

As domestic violence is often portrayed as a male aggressor/female victim type of crime, both Morris and Fulbright want make people aware that everyone — male and female, gay and straight — can be vulnerable to abuse.


“Once I received Mark’s case, I was initially confused; I saw that the name was male, but realized it was correct once we called the patient for his initial exam. I have to admit that stereotypically, I think of victims of domestic violence being female,” said Fulbright. “Once I met Mark and he told me his story, I realized what a great opportunity I had to treat such a nice man and help him restore his life, while hopefully bringing gay domestic violence to the mainstream so that these people can get the care that they so deserve.”


Mark Morris and his husband, Larry, currently live in Los Angeles.  His book, Looking for Love Under Landmines, is available by contacting [email protected].


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