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As the World Turns finally gives gay fans what they want -- Luke and Noah, together at last.



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Do you talk amongst yourselves about the impact you
have made with these roles?
Silbermann: To be honest, I forget. But with
the letters I receive from fans, it does remind you.Hansis: Sometimes something will happen and it
will become a smack in the face, in a good way. We’ll
go, “We are making a difference, and this is
really cool, and something we both believe in.”
I think in our day-to-day lives, when we are taking out
trash or ordering food, we are not like, “How

A powerful story line just ended on ATWT involving
Lucinda, Luke’s grandmother, and her
marriage to Brian, who was a closeted gay man. The story
involved deception on the part of Luke and Brian.
Are Luke and Lucinda going to reach an understanding?
Hansis: I think it might be more of Lucinda who
has to come to terms. Lucinda knows it’s not
Luke’s fault, and she felt hurt and betrayed by
Brian. I think Lucinda loves her grandson, and in the
end has his best interest in her heart.

Laurence Lau (Brian) gave such a wonderful
performance in his final scenes when he finally admitted
out loud that he was gay. What did you think of
Larry’s work?
Hansis: I think Larry is a fantastic actor!
Every day he would go in and find his character’s
truth and make it as real as possible. I think his
work in this story line was phenomenal!

Nuke fans will be thrilled to know that coming up
on February 11 a new story line kicks off involving the
two of you as amateur detectives following another
character's death. What can you tell us?
Silbermann: I don’t think anyone is an
amateur detective for long on a soap. You become a deputy
with a badge…Hansis: Seriously, yeah. I think all the
detectives on soaps are amateur detectives, even if they
have their badge.

What’s going to go down? Luke will be the
impulsive one, yet again?
Hansis: Yes, and it kind of carries through
what happened from the election story line. Noah is the
rational one, and Luke is the impulsive one.
It’s the whole "opposites attract" thing. In
the upcoming story line, someone Luke knows dies and he gets
all upset.

Is Luke still drinking?Hansis: No, that’s over with…for now!Silbermann: Luke gets really emotional and does
not think things through. Noah thinks about things too much,
I think. They are not fighting each other. They are on
the same side, but they have different points of view.Hansis: I also think Luke takes a stance where
it puts him in danger, and Noah is kind of protective. It
involves the whole younger cast of the show.
It’s fun to watch Luke and Noah branch out and
spend more time with these characters and be in the

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