Make Him a Supermodel

Make Me a Supermodel 's construction worker-turned-model Jonathan Waud is vying for the grand prize on Bravo's hit model face-off -- and with any luck, he has it in the bag.




Can you tell me who won?

Not yet. Call me on Thursday [


What was your experience on the show?

Being on the show was character-building for me. It was very
much like boarding school -- living with people you
wouldn't normally choose to live with -- or work with. I
realized my patience was less than I thought I had. If the
opportunity came up again, I doubt I would do it. It has a
slight sort of trapped feeling. We were well taken care of ...
but still. Watching myself on TV now is very, very, very weird.
I feel I came off as slightly boring. What you see is me, but
only about 50%-60% of me. The Jonathan portrayed on the show is
a tamer version of me. I'm much wilder (according to family
and friends) than that.

At 27, you are one of the oldest in the house. How did you
deal living with people still in their teens?

I was very aware of myself. I'm usually crazy and playing
around, but I was careful not to show too much. I was always
aware of the cameras. Branden, who's like 18, was talking
about girls and getting drunk and I thought,
Was I like that at 18?

What about drama?

I tried to avoid it. But it's difficult at times not to get
caught up in it. Amanda and Jordan had issues, and they would
come to me and bitch. I would say to them, you're both kind
of wrong. In that environment guys get along better than girls.
But I never looked at any of them as competition. The judges
were my competition, and these guys were just my flatmates.

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