Soap Cancellation Report: Is One Life to Live Next? Would Kish Go to AMC?
File this one under "say it isn't so:" Soap fans became quite unglued when TV Guide Canada reported the following item on Monday. “A network insider confirms what has been reporting for the last few months. One Life to Live was this close to being cancelled. Thankfully, The Aisha Tyler Show tested poorly with focus groups, which bought One Life another year. ABC Daytime president Brian Frons had to make a 'Sophie’s Choice,' and he chose to save All My Children by moving it to L.A. One Life will be cancelled next year barring a ratings miracle. Frons will most likely move Trevor St. John, Kassie DePaiva, Michael Easton, the Kish boys, and maybe Brandon Buddy and Kristen Alderson to become a part of AMC. He will not merge both shows into two half-hour soaps.”
However, since that item's posting, ABC Daytime spokeswoman Jori Petersen offered the network’s only official response at this time: “In response to Internet rumors that ABC may cancel OLTL, the only upcoming move One Life to Live is making is to the All My Children stage after that series relocates to Los Angeles. This will give One Life to Live more room and increase their production value.”

Associated Television International’s Jim Romanovich (who I worked with on the Daytime Emmys this year) then made this statement to help fans understand business decisions that may need to be made in the current economic and daytime climate: “I feel if ABC wants the show, they will do what they can to save it. I believe that part of the AMC move to L.A. was meant to save both shows, as I knew one wouldn’t survive. It seemed ABC showed great faith in all three of their soaps by doing what they did. I still believe that. If the profit OLTL generates (assuming it does) does not balance out the effort that goes into it, then yes, OLTL may end, just as any show would. ABC is looking at their future and that also means taking the path of least resistance. If OLTL makes a 20% profit on its cost, let’s say, and ABC can make that same 20% profit on a talk show in which they also have a vested interest, then which way do you think they might lean?” So what this means, Soapside readers, is that you must watch One Life and keep writing in to the network. At this point, besides ATWT,One Life is really the only other soap showing a full-fledged same-sex story line.We don’t want to see this one bite the dust. And besides, it’s my all-time favorite soap. I would end up stuffing my face with a box of saltines and weeping if it’s no longer on the air. We wouldn’t want that now, would we?

Postcards from Venice!

Don’t forget to tune in to Days of Our Lives today, as Crystal Chappell makes her return as Dr. Carly Manning! Plus ... news from Chappell’s Camp Venice: Daytime Emmy winner Jeff Branson is taking over the role of Gina’s brother, Owen, from previously announced Daniel Cosgrove. Another former GL pal, Tina Sloan (ex-Lillian) is coming on to play the role of Katherine. Venice head writer and coproducer Kim Turrisi tells Soapside exclusively, “Tina will be playing the ultimate cougar! Will she be gay or straight? Tune in to find out.”  Crystal and Kim created something specifically with Tina in mind after seeing her at the Daytime Emmys, Turrisi confirms. Look for more of Sloan in season 2. And this week Crystal told TV Guide some vital Venice news for gay fans. “At the top of the first episode, Gina and Ani have just spent the night together. They’ve reconnected after not seeing each other for a year. So you will see a kiss, but you soon realize that Gina has incredible intimacy issues, and you’re left to wonder what’s going to happen to them during the series. Will they get back together? Can they get back together? Will other people come into their lives? Like I said, it’s a good ol’ soap!”

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