Warren the Ape Comes Out



WARREN THE APE 3 X390 (MTV) | ADVOCATE.COMWere you ever concerned that this whole episode would be offensive to the gay audience?
We felt good about it. We have friends and members of our crew who are gay, and everybody really felt it was OK. I would hate to think that anything we did was offensive to anyone. We are trying to say something about the ridiculousness of the industry we are in.

In closing, why should we watch tonight’s episode?

Rather than make a personal appeal and single out the LGBT community and appeal to them as a demographic, I just want to appeal to them as audience members. So I would earnestly say, I think you should watch my show because it’s really funny, and if you think it is funny, do tell a friend, because we could use the support. We are anxiously waiting to see if we are being picked-up. It’s been a labor of love and very challenging. It feels like I am working with a happy family. So I am sure we are going to get canceled! [Laughs.]

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