Ashley Fink Knows What Boys Like

Glee’s newest heavy hitter — and Chris Colfer’s date to the Golden Globes — responds to Rosie O’Donnell’s recent complaints about her plus-sized character.



ASHLEY FINK GLEE X390 (FOX) | ADVOCATE.COMWhen did you find out that Lauren would replace Kurt in New Directions?
Literally, wardrobe called me and said, “Hey, we need you to come in for a fitting for the group number.” I was like, “Why would I need to match the rest of the cast for a group number?” They were like, “Oh, no. We ruined it.” I was like, “Ruined what?” Then I got my script and I still didn’t believe it. I texted Chris Colfer, “I join the glee club?!” I really thought it was a big ruse.

I read that Lauren wasn’t originally written as overweight, but your being cast helped to shape the character. Do your own interests and mannerisms continue to influence the character?
There are definitely things I’ve said on set that I’ve ended up saying on the show. There are even things I’ve said that other people have ended up saying on the show. Ryan is very attuned with us. Like when Lauren had to imagine everybody in their underwear, I was like, “OK, Sue needs to be in a dominatrix outfit. Mr. Schue needs to be in boxers, but even if I imagined him in his underwear, he’d still be in a vest.” So there are bits of me that pop up here and there, but I’m more enthusiastic than Lauren.

What’s been the highlight of your Glee experience so far?
Really, anytime I get to do a musical number. I’ve been coming in and out since the eighth episode, but the first time I got to sing and dance with all the kids, I was like, OK, am I going to wake up tomorrow? And the Golden Globes were obviously amazing. I was Chris Colfer’s date, and he was the best date ever.

How did he pop that question?
I got him a Burlesque poster signed by Cher and Christina Aguilera for Christmas because we were both obsessed with that movie. A couple days later, right before Christmas break, we were shooting a scene for “Silly Love Songs” at Breadstix where we were actually together — because the lamest thing is being on a show with one of your best friends, but every time I’m there, he’s not. So while we were shooting the scene, he got down on one knee and said, “I don’t want you to think this has anything to do with Cher, but will you be my date to the Golden Globes?” I was so honored, I teared up, and then I was like, “But Ryan Reynolds is single. He’s not available?” Then he won, Jane Lynch won, and the show won, so the camaraderie that night was something you tell your grandparents about. I mean grandkids. Grandparents don’t care. “I’m on a show called Glee!” “Oh, that’s great! Is it on Fox News?” “No.”

There’s also been some controversy surrounding Blaine’s questioning of his sexuality in tonight’s episode, “Blame it on the Alcohol.” Are gay fans riled up over nothing?
Well, I haven’t seen the episode yet. I was a little surprised when I read it, but I think it’s been blown out of proportion. I mean, the episode is called “Blame it on the Alcohol.” But I’m excited to see the feedback.

After Kurt’s inevitable return to New Directions, will Lauren stay in the club?
I hope she stays. She’s making good friends there, and I think she and Kurt would have a lot of fun together.

As would you and Chris, it sounds like.
Nah, we can’t stand each other. Our friendship is all for publicity.

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