Sofía Vergara: Sofía's Choice

The Modern Family star explains why she supports the Latin gay community but didn’t want gay children of her own.



There’s more than meets the eye and ear when it comes to Sofía Vergara, who plays Colombian trophy wife Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on ABC’s Modern Family, which returns September 21 for a third season. Next seen on the big screen in New Year’s Eve and The Three Stooges, the two-time Emmy nominee explains why she supports the Latin gay community but didn’t want gay children of her own.

The Advocate: Thanks to its positive representation of a gay couple, Modern Family has earned an extended family of gay fans. Are you aware of your gay following, Sofía?
Sofia Vergara: Yes, and I love it. I’ve always had plenty of gay fans, even back in Colombia, probably because I’m voluptuous and a little over the top. Gay men always tell me how fabulous I am. I think they want to be Gloria.

What about lesbian admirers?
Oh, there aren’t that many, are there? That’s flattering. All my fans must be very respectful, because I’ve never had a guy or a girl come up and grab my ass.

What does that support mean to you?
It’s great. But it’s a reality that more and more people are coming out, so I think it’s important to return their support.

You filmed a PSA for GLAAD’s “Be an Ally and a Friend” campaign.
Yes, because we should all be tolerant and respectful of people’s sexuality. We have to appreciate each other’s differences and accept people who have the courage to accept themselves. That’s beautiful.

Why did you shoot your PSA in Spanish?
Well, imagine how hard it is for Latin guys and Latin kids to be gay. Most of us are raised very Catholic, and the macho figure is very strong in our culture, so it’s still more taboo and a million times more dramatic to come out. Many gay friends have told me how hard it was for them to be open in the Latin community. Nothing’s going to change from one day to the other, so it’s a matter of doing things little by little. That’s why I love the gay couple in Modern Family. People always tell me, “We’ve never seen a normal, loving gay couple before!” They think gay people are just running around naked, partying in nightclubs. So it’s good for older people, especially those who aren’t exposed to a lot of gays like we are in the big cities, to see gay people portrayed in a beautiful way.

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