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Blanche's Best Gay Moments

Blanche's Best Gay Moments

In honor of the late Rue McClanahan, The Advocate staff compiled some of Blanche Devereaux's most hilarious gay-related scenes on The Golden Girls. Make sure you watch them with a slice of cheesecake.

Lesbian Lovers of Miami — Rose gets a gig working on Wake Up Miami, and she books Dorothy and Blanche, who unwittingly go on the show as lesbian lovers.

Lebanese or Lesbian? — Dorothy asks Sophia whether she would love either of her kids if they came out. And then Blanche comes in and hilarity ensues.

Scared Straight — Blanche finally accepts her newly out brother Clayton, who explains that they're more alike than ever before.

The Golden Girls on Marriage Equality — Sophia to Blanche about her brother Clayton, who is marrying another man: "Everyone wants someone to grow old with. Shouldn't everyone have that

Golden Girls Condoms — In one of the funniest bits ever on this show,  the girls prep for a romantic trip with their boyfriends.

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