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Op-ed: This Is How My Life Improved After Trashing My Hookup Apps

Op-ed: How My Life Improved By Dumping My Hookup Apps

Imagine what you can do when you're not consumed by Grindr and Tinder every waking moment.

Op-ed: Trans Men Experience Far More Violence Than Most People Assume

Op-ed: Yes, Trans Men Experience Real Violence

Boys Do Cry: When we expand violence data beyond hate crimes, it's clear that trans men are targeted at comparable rates to trans women.

Op-ed: What the Ruby Rose Obsession Misses About Gender-Fluid Lives

Op-ed: The Ruby Rose Obsession And Gender-Fluidity

The next frontier is nonbinary genders so start getting with it, world.

Perez Hilton On the Gawker Scandal: 'Aspire Higher'

Perez Hilton on the Gawker Scandal: 'Aspire Higher'

Once the king of outing celebs, gay blogger Perez Hilton tells The Advocate he agrees that Gawker needed to pull its recent story outing a media executive.

Op-ed: When Homeless Trans Men Face Violence, There Are No Places to Turn

When Homeless Trans Men Facing Violence Have Nowhere to Turn

Boys Do Cry: Shelter, foster care, mental health, and legal systems keep letting men like me fall through the cracks.

Op-ed: The LGBT Movement Needs to Diversify or Die

Op-ed: The LGBT Movement Must Diversify or Die 

Journalist Ernest Owens says he and other LGBT people of color are tired of being invisible.

Op-ed: Why the Boy Scouts’ New Policy Still Discriminates

Op-ed: Why the Boy Scouts’ New Policy Still Discriminates

The Boy Scouts of America caves to so-called religious discrimination concerns with its latest half measure.

Op-ed: Violence Against Trans Men Will Lessen If We Address Trans Women's Oppression

Op-ed: How to Lessen Violence Against Trans Men

Boys Do Cry: Hatred and fear of transness and femininity undergird most gender-based violence, so protecting trans women will help protect us all.

Op-ed: Why Hollywood Can't Get With Butch Women

Op-ed: Why Hollywood Can't Get With Butch Women

As long as the entertainment industry cravenly appeals to straight men, less-than-feminine women will rarely see their stories on screen.

Op-ed: Breaking My Silence as a Trans Man Who Attempted Suicide

Breaking the Silence: A Trans Man Who Attempted Suicide

Boys Do Cry: An out trans Army sergeant shares his story of childhood pain so that others do not feel alone.

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