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Oped Why Frank Kameny Is Part of Our Smithsonian Collection

 Op-ed: Why Frank Kameny Belongs at the Smithsonian

The curator of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, which is home to political paraphernalia from Frank Kameny’s life, explains what set the activist apart.

Oped For Evan Wolfson an I Do Filled With I Did

 Op-ed: For Evan Wolfson, an “I Do” Filled With “I Did”

When Freedom to Marry’s Evan Wolfson weds his partner Cheng He on Saturday, it will cap a long effort to win the right.

Op ed A New State for Homophobia

 Op-ed: A New State for Homophobia?

With an application pending for Palestinian statehood at the United Nations, two pro-Israel experts wonder what kind of attitude a new country would have toward gay people.

Op ed How to Prove Lesbians Are More at Risk for Cancer

 Op-ed: If Lesbians Are More at Risk for Cancer, Do Something

Paula Ettlebrick died of ovarian cancer last week.

Oped My Life 10 Years After Coming Out on MTV

Op-ed: My Life 10 Years After Coming Out on MTV 

Joel Relampagos talks about why he decided to tell his parents he’s gay on national television, and how it has changed his life since.

Op ed Why I Helped Fred Karger Slam Antigay Republicans in New Ad

 Op-ed: Why I Helped Fred Karger Slam GOP in New Ad

Two lesbian liberals had a helping hand in producing a new ad for the Republican presidential candidate in response to booing of a gay soldier during debates.

Advice Is It Bad Manners to Come Out on Facebook

Advice: Is It Bad Manners to Come Out on Facebook?

Question: Two of my friends have come out on Facebook — one of them by changing his profile to say that he’s “interested in men” — and another with a status update, “Yep, I’m gay.” I’m actu

Oped When It Comes to Trans Kids It Us Who Are Confused

 Op-ed: On Trans Kids, It’s Us Who Are Confused

The creative gender cases of Storm, Chaz, Tammy and Mario revealed our society’s knee-jerk and crushing reaction to nonconformity.

Oped A Group Willing to Acknowledge Inequality

Op-ed: Occupy Wall Street Willing to Acknowledge Inequality

For a movement with no distinct starting point, Occupy Wall Street is remarkably organized.

Continental Drifter

Op-ed: Continental Drifter

The director of the searing 2007 documentary Small Town Gay Bar shares the struggle to film his latest project, an in-depth look at New York's legendary and notorious hot spot, the Continental Baths.

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