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Working Out With Straight People

Working Out With Straight People

I was not chased out of Paradise by flaming angels. Instead, I found them waiting for me in the world outside.

Can It Get Better Now

Can It Get Better Now?

Advocate contributor Kelly Huegel praises the It Gets Better Project but says we need to be doing more to help GLBTQ youth who are in crisis now.

It Gets Better For Billy March 9

It Gets Better: For Billy

Next week Advocate contributor Michael Anthony heads to Wheeling, Ill., to kick off his "It Gets Better"–inspired documentary. Will the townspeople welcome him with open arms or pitchforks?

Obama Our First Gay President

Obama: Our First Gay President

In 1998, Toni Morrison dubbed Bill Clinton “the first black president.” Advocate contributor Charles Perez says President Obama is on track to earn a title of his own.

Michael Lucas Responds to Sherry Wolf

Lucas: It's Not About the Money

COMMENTARY: Advocate contributor Michael Lucas responds to accusations that "his wealth and connections" are the reason New York's LGBT center canceled an event in conjunction with Israeli Apartheid Week.

Gaysians Are Beautiful Jimmy Nguyen

Gaysians Are Beautiful

Advocate contributor Jimmy Nguyen takes a look at racial lookism and explains why he thinks the gay rainbow needs to embrace more colors. 

Sherry Wolf Responds to Michael Lucas

Sherry Wolf: Save New York's Center

Author and activist Sherry Wolf says Michael Lucas's efforts to shut down an Israeli Apartheid Week event at New York's LGBT Center threatens to make it a homogenized venue where wealthy voices squelch the rest.

How We Will Win

How We Will Win

Even with recent wins in the battle for marriage equality, the core strategy in fighting powerful antigay forces remains the same, says Marc Solomon, Freedom to Marry's new National Campaign Director.

Ben Patrick Johnson The Revolution Will Be Tweeted

The Revolution Will Be Tweeted

Advocate contributor Ben Patrick Johnson says gay people advocating social change who refuse to join the Facebook/Twitter movement run the risk of being left behind.

Hillarys Advocate

Hillary’s Advocate

COMMENTARY: Political insider Richard Grenell finds fault with The Advocate's cover story on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

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