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Eight years of great laughs
April 23 2006 11:00 PM ET

Eight years of great laughs

Jim Colucci

Commentary 962 2006-05-09 2006-04-24 Eight years of great laughs By Jim Colucci In a memorable 2002 episode of Will & Grace, Jack becomes Kevin Bacon’s personal assist

Queer youth to America: Get on the equality bus!
April 23 2006 11:00 PM ET

Queer youth to America: Get on the equality bus!

Sean Kennedy

We join the Equality Ride in progress… Inspired by the ’60s’ Freedom Riders, 33 young LGBT activists on a bus are invading the nation’s antigay colleges. Here riders tell their stories of inspiration, hope, and getting arrested in their quest to change America

Cocktails and road trips
April 23 2006 11:00 PM ET

Cocktails and road trips Editors

Commentary 962 2006-05-09 2006-04-24 Cocktails and road trips By Bruce C. Steele Attention veteran gay activists: We are all currently being eclipsed by 33 young queers on a bus, a

Karen O
April 23 2006 11:00 PM ET

Karen O

Steve Gdula

Karen O, the striking singer for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and queen of the new new wave, is an original in an industry crowded with picture-perfect clones. With the white-hot Show Your Bones CD new in stores and a tour under way, the critics’ fave chatted about the girls she likes and the boys who like her.

Stop this unbridled extremism
April 20 2006 11:00 PM ET

"Stop this unbridled extremism" Editors

Kentucky Republicans are returning to antigay politics in advance of their reelection campaigns. This strategy is not only reprehensible, it’s bad for business

Look Ma Im blending in
April 19 2006 11:00 PM ET

Look, Ma! I'm blending in


Of course gay and lesbian moms and dads should have been a part of the White House Easter Egg roll—haven’t they always been? If we want to be treated like everyone else, why make a big deal out of it?

Dying at BYU
April 17 2006 11:00 PM ET

Dying at BYU

Haven Herrin

A symbolic die-in to honor the many gay Mormons who have committed suicide gets two dozen Equality Ride protesters arrested on the campus of Brigham Young University. It also sends an important message.

Chance encounter in Va.
April 17 2006 11:00 PM ET

Chance encounter in Va.

Tully Satre

Our young activist diarist learns something from an unexpected encounter outside a Panera Bread eatery in Warrenton, Va.

Whats in a trans name?
April 13 2006 11:00 PM ET

What's in a trans name?

Joanne Herman

Transsexual? Cross-dresser? Gender-queer? Under the “transgender” umbrella are a range of people who deal with gender identity and gender expression in nontraditional ways. A primer on who’s who. Part 2 of The Advocate’s ongoing transgender series

The GOPs antigay pitch to blacks
April 12 2006 11:00 PM ET

The GOP's antigay pitch to blacks Editors

The Republican Party is reaching out to African-American voters with a pitch that hones in on their presumed homophobia. The party’s blatantly antigay “misinformation campaign” is detailed in a new report from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

The first seven out of 569 miles
April 11 2006 11:00 PM ET

The first seven out of 569 miles

Jennifer Schumaker

This Southern California soccer mom and lesbian is now on the road, walking the coastline from San Diego to San Francisco to raise LGBT visibility. This is the first of her dispatches from the road.

We 55 respectfully disagree
April 10 2006 11:00 PM ET

We 55 respectfully disagree Editors

In an “open letter” to The Advocate and to LGBT people everywhere, more than four dozen prominent activists of color take issue with Jasmyne Cannick’s commentary calling for LGBT equality to take priority over rights for illegal immigrants. Quoting Audre Lorde, they remind us, “There is no hierarchy of oppression.”

Immigration is an LGBT issue
April 09 2006 11:00 PM ET

Immigration is an LGBT issue Editors

Christine Chavez, former UFW California political director and granddaughter of the late civil rights leader Cesar Chavez, says gays and lesbians everywhere stand to gain by working together for the rights of immigrants