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Op-ed: A Gay Dad’s Open Letter to Dolce & Gabbana

Op-ed: A Gay Dad’s Open Letter to Dolce & Gabbana

Does this family look 'synthetic' to you?

Op-ed: Susan G. Komen Founder on Her Gay Son and Marriage Equality

Susan G. Komen Founder's Gay Son, Marriage Equality

Nancy G. Brinker supports conservative values — values she says are consistent with same-sex marriage.

Op-ed: Bathrooms Will Be the Next LGBT Rights Battleground

Op-ed: Bathrooms Are Next LGBT Rights Battleground

With marriage equality resolution approaching, let's turn our eyes to how public attitudes fueling antitrans 'bathroom bills' have serious implications for all LGBT people.

Op-ed: The Conservative War Against LGBTs Has A Terrifying Future

Op-ed: Conservatives Should Be Careful What They Wish For

Religious exemption laws and the dismissive attitude toward federal law are setting up seriously scary precedents.

Op-ed: Ignoring Trans Suicide Is Not 'Responsible Reporting'

Op-ed: Ignoring Trans Suicide Is Not 'Responsible'

Industry standards discourage journalists from reporting details on suicide, but silencing the final words of trans people is more likely to contribute to erasure than contagion.

Op-ed: Religions Must Open Their Doors to LGBT Members

Op-ed: Trailblazing Rabbi Says Religion Must Open Its Doors

A trailblazing female rabbi says that all faiths need to not just accept gays, they need to embrace them.

Op-ed: What We Need to Do to Lift LGBT Women Out of Poverty

Op-ed: What Must Happen to Lift LGBT Women Out of Poverty

National LGBTQ Task Force Action Fund executive director Rea Carey says we can no longer tolerate the financial inequality that queer women face.

Op-ed: Teaching Kids About Gender Shouldn't Be Controversial

Op-ed: Don't Opt Out of Teaching Kids About Gender

All parents have a responsibility to teach their children tolerance and respect, instead of hiding from the world's diversity.

Holding Out for a Hero

Holding Out for a Hero

Though pigeonholed as cowards, out gay men may have been battle-tested in ways others can’t imagine.

Op-ed: How a Gay Baptist Preacher in Kentucky Took His Marriage Fight to SCOTUS

A Gay Baptist Rev. Takes His Marriage Fight to SCOTUS

It's been a long journey of resistance and struggle for Rev. Maurice Blanchard and his husband.

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