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With an attorney general determined to make transgender youth second-class citizens, the ACLU's Rebecca L. Robertson is rolling up her sleeves.

August 25 2016 5:04 AM

Following the murder of Almonte at the hands of his partner, Broadway performer Marcus Bellamy, we must confront same-sex domestic violence.

August 24 2016 5:06 AM

With all the problems facing trans people, is a shortage of gender-affirming surgeons an issue? After much research, Amanda Kerri finds the answer.

August 23 2016 5:05 AM

"Ex-gay" pastor Donnie McClurkin nearly married a woman this summer. Sampson McCormick has thoughts on McClurkin and others men of the cloth like him.

August 22 2016 5:48 AM

Zachary Zane's HIV panic was taking over his life — until he took action.

August 22 2016 5:04 AM

There is so much to criticize — why are our black women Olympians getting the shade? 

August 19 2016 6:05 AM

Everything's bigger in Texas, including discrimination and intolerance. 

August 19 2016 5:01 AM