The source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that
regardless of what vehicle was used, 60 votes would still be required in
order to attach the measure. The source put current support around the
low-to-mid 50s but stressed that getting the last votes would be a heavy
“It’s doable this year, but far from assured,” said the
source, adding that Harkin has personally vowed to help lobby his
colleagues one-on-one for the bill. “He’s committed to working on it.
It’s going to require a lot of work with the moderates to convince them
that this isn’t an election loser.”
But the source echoed
Herwitt’s sentiment that getting the bill through the House would tee it
up in the Senate.
As Herwitt noted, “It’s hard to make the
argument to Senate leadership to look for a vehicle before it passes the
House. So I think a strong house vote will help us go into the senate
with some momentum.”
Herwitt added that LGBT groups as well as
Rep. Barney Frank and others have encouraged Congress members to push
for a vote on the legislation.
“We need them to go to leadership
and advocate for it to come up,” she said.

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