Former University of Michigan Student Body President to Offer Scholarship for Bullied Students



Former University of Michigan student body president Chris Armstrong announced today via YouTube that he and his family are setting up a special scholarship at the school for students who have been victimized by bullying, according to Towleroad.

Armstrong was involved in a highly publicized bullying dispute with then assistant Michigan attorney general Andrew Shirvell last year. On a blog dedicated strictly to Armstrong, Shirvell called Armstrong a "radical homosexual" and "a Nazi-like recruiter for the cult that is homosexuality." Shirvell was subsequently fired.

In the YouTube video, Armstrong talks about his ordeal with Shirvell and praises the University of Michigan's administration and staff for helping him get through "one of his darkest times." The Chris Armstrong Scholarship Fund is intended for "anyone who has experienced bullying or other adversity" to have the opportunity to go to the University of Michigan and "express what you want to express." 

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