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Man in Nice Beaten as Antigay Violence Sweeps France

Man in Nice Beaten as Antigay Violence Sweeps France

Marriage equality is not coming easy to France — in the latest act of violence against LGBTs, a man in the southern city of Nice was beaten unconscious, while a gunpowder threat was called in to the nation's assembly ahead just days before a vote on same-sex marriage.

Cabaret dancer Raphaël Leclerc was attacked this weekend after leaving a nightclub; his three attackers referred to Leclerc and his boyfriend being gay, and also asked them if they were French or Chechen. Leclerc replied he was French and then was punched and kicked so badly he lost consciousness. The Nice attack follows antigay actions, often violent, in Paris, Lille, and Bordeaux.

Meanwhile, Claude Bartolone, the head of France's National Assembly, was sent a letter, with gunpowder, that demanded Bartolone call off Tuesday's vote on same-sex marriage. An enormous gathering of protesters opposed to marriage equality gathered in Paris on Sunday, holding up signs declaring the need of opposite-sex parents.

France has been deluged with violence pertaining to the upcoming vote. Click here to see a round-up of the chaos.

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