Why can't the Democrats be Democrats?

This TV writer is mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. What’s the matter with the party he has supported so long? What’s so difficult about standing up for what’s right? Like, for example, marriage equality. An open letter calling for the ABCs of politics: action, backbone, and clarity.



Democrats are
lying. To themselves. As a lifelong, donation-giving
Democrat, and a staunch and proud liberal, I have, alas, had
it up to the gills with my party.

Let’s talk
about same-sex marriage, since that’s the nonissue
the Republicans have effectively used to scare the
Democrats. I worked hard for John Kerry and the party
in 2004, but I was nauseated by his “I support
civil unions, but not marriage” foolishness--happily
offering gay and lesbian people who love one another a
seat in the middle of the bus.

I was equally
offended by Kerry’s ridiculous “I believe
marriage is between a man and a woman”
statement. Really? Says who? His priest? His

I don’t
believe Kerry means it. He was afraid of losing votes. And
if he actually does believe that, then he’s not
the man I thought he was, and what’s more,
he’s wrong--and all you Democrats out there know it.

Fifty years ago,
most politicians in this country believed that blacks
were lesser individuals than whites--but that wasn’t
right. A hundred years ago, it was women. Wrong again.
This insane pandering to Christian conservatives was,
and continues to be, the party’s Achilles’
heel in its embarrassing attempt to win votes from
people who will never vote for them.

Where is the
passion? Where is the leadership? I used to think Howard
Dean had it, but then he goes and does that idiotic whoring
to The 700 Club! What on earth is he thinking?
That they’ll actually vote Democratic because
Dean is against same-sex marriage? Is Dean’s new
master plan to trade the LGBT vote for the evangelical vote?
It won’t work, Howard. You’re just going
to lose everyone.

John F. Kennedy
didn’t pander to anyone on the civil rights issue. He
said what he knew was right. Why don’t the Democrats
come out and plainly say that marriage is a legal
contract that ought to apply to any two adults who
want to enter into it? That’s why marriage licenses
are given out at City Halls, and not at churches.
There. Done.

When a Democrat
finally does put out a statement about same-sex marriage,
it is so fraught with “language” that I have
to read it three times before I can figure out whether
they’re in favor of it or not. They read like a
patent law or Scott McClellan doublespeak rather than an
impassioned stance by someone who is willing to go into
battle for me.

And that is what
I expect of my representatives in Washington--especially
in this time of near-theocracy in our country. I want to
hear Democrats stand up and loudly and passionately
and clearly state that they are pro–human
rights, pro-gay rights, pro-same-sex marriage rights, and

And while
they’re at it--evolution and global warming and the
Big Bang are not theories! Oh, and thunder is not the
angels bowling. I want to hear the Democrats denounce
the Republicans’ attack on the poor! Denounce
this administration’s handling of every single
domestic crisis and issue since the White House was
taken in the political coup of 2000.

Democrats have to
stop being verbose or thoughtful or strategic. They
shouldn’t be standing on the sidelines waiting mutely
for the Republicans to self-destruct. They should be
furious! Bush and his cronies have destroyed our
country--our international credibility, our human rights
standing, our military pride, our economy, our educational
system, our health care, our workforce, our
environment--all while making themselves and their
pals rich! And they’re so damn obvious about it!
Adding insult to injury, Bush then has the nerve to
announce that we’re “addicted to
oil”? No! Really? As if Karl Rove had just invented
the idea that morning! Gore was talking about
alternative energy sources back in the ’90s!
And idea that seems to have only just now occurred to Bush.
Of course, Al wouldn’t campaign on it, due to
some moronic advice from “Democratic
consultants” who seem to have some kind of magic wand
that turns every viable candidate we have into mewling

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