WATCH: Rock Band Garbage Stops Concert for Same-Sex Marriage Proposal

Singer Shirley Manson interrupted her band’s Detroit show to allow one gay fan the opportunity to propose to his boyfriend onstage.



Rock band Garbage interrupted a recent concert in Detroit to allow Scott Sauter the chance to propose to his boyfriend, Domenick Viviano, onstage.

In the below video, the band’s front woman, Shirley Manson, tells the crowed that the proposal plan came after she’d read a message on her Facebook page from Sauter explaining that he and his boyfriend had previously flown out for a Garbage benefit concert the band was having for a “very sick friend” named Wally.

Manson was impressed by the couple’s support and thanked them by inviting the two men to the show and giving them backstage passes, allowing Sauter the opportunity to surprise Viviano by getting down on bended knee and popping the question in front of the concert’s roaring crowd.