Destination: Berlin

In an evolving capital, everything old is new again.



Berlin is approximately four times the size of Paris, just for the sake of scale, but it’s easy to find a place to lay your head. Out in Berlin ( lists LGBT-friendly accommodations, and Siegessäule ( will help guide you to the best parties each evening.

The city is vast and diverse, and any trip will leave a pattern of impressions that make your Berlin distinct from anyone else’s. The city has history, nightlife, dining, markets, parks, music (and tons of vinyl shopping), and imperial remnants (including in neighboring Potsdam), and I feel I’ve just scratched the surface. But this much is universal throughout the city: Germans love to gather in open places when the sun is shining, and the attitude is infectious and welcoming. Grab a currywurst and a beer, find a sunny spot, and let the day take you where it will.

Photos in article by Carsten Koall/Getty Images (beach bar); German National Tourist Board/Joachim Messerschmidt (cathedral); German National Tourist Board/Hans Peter Merten; Roman Holst (HustlaBar); Johannes Eisele/AFP/Getty Images