29 Great Gifts for Mother's Day

It's not too late to get your one-of-a-kind mom something fun, inappropriate, or selfish (like a self-help book on not smothering your kid). Here are 29 suggestions.



A Stiff Upper Lip
Tap into mom's fun side with a StacheTat, the Temporary Mustache Tattoo, that comes in dozens of fun designs, from traditional (like Salvador Dali, Magnum P.I, and whoever the classic handlebar should be named for) to whimsical and poppy (there's a rainbow-colored Gay Pride series, in fact). They're cheap and weird, just how we like our women, er, gifts. (StacheTats.com, $6.99)

Booze and Brews
Sure, brunch will be overflowing with mimosas, but if your mom's anything like mine, she'll want to drink at home too. Skip the tried-and-true and try out Yacht Club Vodka or Van Gogh Vodka.The latter has been a pioneer in the flavored vodka category for years, and its Van Gogh Cool Peach Vodka makes the world's best peach bellini. Meanwhile, a newly launched luxury brand from France's Bordeaux region, Yacht Club Vodka, is actually gluten-free, makes a killer martini, and is sold in a bottle inspired by the Aquariva speedboats often seen in the French Riviera. Both drinks are found at many regional gay events and come in bottles that are art pieces unto themselves. (LaurentWines.com, $33.14; VanGoghVodka.com, $28.99)

Move Over, Boring Wine
The new Chilean Kappa Pisco is the latest project of the Marnier Lapostolle family, producers of Grand Marnier and the award-winning Lapostolle Wines from Chile. Chilean Pisco is a spirit made from the double distillation of wine, either aged or unaged in oak. Kappa is the unaged variety, a delicious white spirit with excellent mixability. With notes of fruit and blossoms, it's the perfect base for nearly every summer drink you can think of. (BevMo.com, $34.99)

Everything But the Kitchen Sink
Remember when you were a kid and Mom had everything in her purse at all times? She probably still does, and it still takes forever to find anything. Help an old gal out with the new woven Butler Bag, a purse that compartmentalizes the  interior so there's a place for everything, as well as a zippered “privacy pocket.” There's even a tote bag version. (Avon.com, $19.99)
Makeover in a Bottle
Want to give her the spa day she deserves but stuck on a ramen budget? One bottle of GG Gatsby's new Ocean Kissed Waves Texture Mist will Make mom look like she spent the day at the beach without, you know, doing so. Made of coconut and argan oils, Ocean Kissed Waves leaves users with sun-kissed, tousled waves as if they're fresh from a beachy spa visit. (GGGatsby.com, $12.99)