Notes From Outgames: The Runner

Throughout the week, is getting up close and personal with athletes competing in sporting events at this year's Outgames. Today we talk with a marathon runner.



What goes through your mind when you just don't feel it?Most marathon runners hit the wall at about mile 19, and the last six or seven miles are a grind.

Do you think about your postrace meal during the run?Yes, and I usually have pasta [after the race], but I'll have anything, including a regular Coke, which is something I don't normally drink, but I'll have it for the sugar.

What do you think of runners who wear goofy outfits during a marathon? That's fine for them.

How important was the Outgames for you?It was important for me personally because I hadn't run [a marathon] for two years and I was wondering if I would ever run another marathon, and now I have. In terms of the event, it seemed to be very important for a lot of people, so it was nice to be a part of that.

- Check back tomorrow for a chat with Dave Steeves, who is at Outgames competing in volleyball and softball.

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