The Out Year in Sports So Far Is Truly Inspiring

A closeted soccer player in Germany made headlines when he wrote an anonymous column about why he's afraid to come out publicly. But others this year have boldly stood up, with the latest a boxing star.



Lori Lindsey, number 16, celebrates a goal during this year's Olympic Qualifying Tournament.


Lori Lindsey
Shortly after Rapinoe, Olympic teammate Lindsey came out during an interview with Autostraddle. Her mother is a lesbian who has been with her partner for more than 25 years. “A lot of people would push me and say, ‘Lori, you should contact people, you should come out. It's important. Every LGBTQ person should be out and proud. That is so important for our community,’” Lindsey said. “And I agree wholeheartedly with that.”

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