Lounge Act

Long known for its in-air luxuries, Virgin Atlantic is now serving passengers with the same lavishness on the ground -- in its Clubhouse at London's Heathrow Airport.




If i had to guess what purgatory is like-based solely on my experiences here on earth -- I'd skip over all references in religion and literature (sorry, Dante) and draw direct comparisons to the DMV, jury duty, and airport layovers. And while I know of no way to sidestep the hell that is standing in line for a driver's license or waiting to see if you've been picked for a jury (short of breaking the law and/or shirking your duties as a responsible citizen), I've found the quickest way to heaven next time you're stuck at London's Heathrow Airport. It's called the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse.

Virgin Atlantic has Clubhouses in 10 airports around the world (and shares first-class lounges with other airlines at 20 other airports), but there's something uniquely spectacular about the 8,200-square-foot Heathrow space. It starts with the aesthetic-the same mid-century, space-age, swinger stylishness that the international carrier and its sister airline in the States, Virgin America, are known for. But as the dozens of caramel-colored Eames lounge chairs, Arne Jacobsen Swan chairs, and classic Eero Aarnio hanging Bubble chairs attest, this isn't reproduction chic. No expense was spared in furnishing this space, and, unlike so many conference room-like first-class lounges, the Heathrow Clubhouse isn't just equipped for conducting business while you wait for your next flight; it's designed to make you forget that you're at an airport altogether.

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