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Lauren Boebert’s 'Beetlejuice' Antics Skewered Savagely by John Oliver

Lauren Boebert’s 'Beetlejuice' Antics Skewered Savagely by John Oliver

Lauren Boebert and John Oliver

The comedian’s rollicking return from the strike delved into Boebert's bawdy Beetlejuice bungle.


With the curtains raised again following a lengthy writers’ strike, John Oliver stormed back onto the Last Week Tonight stage Sunday with a treasure trove of missed news to dig into. However, amidst a sea of headlines, the raucous tale of Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert’s audacious antics during a recent Beetlejuice: The Musical performance in Denver hijacked Oliver’s comedic lens.

Oliver tried to steer the narrative toward gravely serious subjects like Italy’s fiscal challenges, yet the allure of Boebert’s theatrical misadventure proved irresistible.

He recounted, “There was some fondling and light over-the-pants hands stuff which was caught on video,” before jesting about the ill-suited choice of musical for such escapades.

The host quipped, “I’m just saying, if you’re gonna get your nipples tweaked and your pipes squeaked, save that shit for Fiddler [On The Roof] like a goddamn adult.”

The saga unfolded further as Oliver described how Boebert and her companion were shown the exit shortly into the production’s second act. He painted a backdrop to the scene, explaining the eerie comedic irony of the characters Beetlejuice and Lydia torturing visitors on stage as Boebert faced her own real-life ejection.

Boebert’s alleged reaction to the ouster, “Do you know who I am?” was spotlighted by Oliver as a “catastrophically bad” retort.

He joked, “If you’ve been caught for, again, sexual activity during Beetlejuice: The Musical, you would hope no one knew who you were. And you definitely wouldn’t want to immediately get on the phone with the mayor to tell him what had just happened.”

Related: Lauren Boebert Caught Fondling Date’s Genitals During Family-Friendly Musical

In September, Boebert and her date were filmed on security video fondling each other during the family-friendly production. The couple was kicked out of the theatre after being asked to stop vaping and disrupting the show. Boebert at first denied and then admitted to vaping but has not addressed the lewd behavior for which critics have called out the anti-LGBTQ+ congresswoman who claims to want to protect children’s hypocrisy.

Beyond the Boebert banter, Oliver navigated through a labyrinth of topics that unfolded during the show’s hiatus, from Supreme Court decisions to political scandals. Yet, he circled back to the enduring impact of the writers’ strike, applauding the Writers Guild of America WGA for its steadfast stance, albeit expressing frustration over the lengthy negotiation period.

Oliver also broadened the discussion to encompass workers’ rights across the spectrum and how unions foster a sense of solidarity amongst workers from all walks of life.

While meandering through Boebert’s mischievous missteps, the episode showcased Oliver’s knack for intertwining humor with earnest discourse, marking a dynamic comeback to the screen post-strike.

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