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After Elimination: Vivacious of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6

After Elimination: Vivacious of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6


After she sashayed away this week, The Advocate spoke with the most unique queen of Drag Race season 6 about staying true to her club kid roots and her plans to continue challenging the status quo. 

After competing in smaller groups for the past two episodes of Drag Race's season 6 double premiere, the remaining 12 queens went wig to wig in a combined competition for the crown this week.

Shade was thrown as the competitors clashed with the full cast for the first time and battle lines were drawn when the girls chose queens from their own mini-premiere episodes when they were asked to compete in two teams for this week's "Scream Queen" challenge.

While some queens slayed in the horror film task, others ended up as road kill on the Drag Race track, including the fabulously unique season 6 competitor, Vivacious.

Though she made one of the most unforgettable first episode entrances in Drag Race herstory with an outfit that boasted a second head named Ornacia (who has inspired a following of her own on Twitter), Vivacious was asked to sashay away after she lost this week's lip-sync duel against April Carrion.

However, the Jamaican queen who considers describes herself as one of the original 90s NYC club kids says she's only at the beginning of her journey and she sat down for a kiki to talk about her future plans and the need for any queen worth her weight in wigs to know her history.

The Advocate:How did you prepare for RuPaul's Drag Race?
Vivacious: Girl I had to rearrange closets, put things in order, even started to mentally transform how I do my make up just so it was something closer to what Ru's style is. The show has forced a mental transformation in me and for this I deeply thank mother Ru.

What was your reaction to RuPaul's rule change of splitting the queens into two premieres? Do you think this helped or hurt your chances?

I think it hurt my chances. I'm like a Harley Davidson. It takes a while for my mind to get revved up and jump into devastation mode. So had the 14 girls been in the room I would have skated by the first few, or be inspired by what they were doing to dig deeper and then take out the rest of the girls. As you can see when it comes to lip syncing for my life, I deliver. So that's not the area of what I do that I need to worry about. Its making sure I properly execute Ru's challenges.

Your style of drag is very different from the other season 6 queens. Do you feel the judges misunderstood your artistic vision?
RuPaul and Michelle know their styles. I don't think I was misunderstood. RuPaul's show is about taking a queen based on her own style and using these challenges to help that queen grow into something new later on in life or during the weeks of the show. As for me I've grown since the show, [but] while on the show I came on with what I had and that's what I presented.

4a566e10-8019-0131-9874-1271687f4f5dWhat would you say to those who have critiqued your style who are unaware of the legacy you are carrying on?
First and foremost people need to know their history. My form of drag is what allowed many straight people to accept gays for being artistic. If it wasn't for our type of drag there'd be less tolerance on this planet when it comes to homophobia. Learn your herstory before you open your mouth to judge those of us who have used drag to fight for your rights as a gay person. Gays were never meant to conform to straight people's norms. We were meant to be their opposite. We are supposed to have our own identity and culture

Do you feel the current "fishy look" trend in drag limits creativity?
Not only are they limiting, 90 percent of these girls look like flounder competing for the same position. Only one person is flawless in all of this who holds the Mother Superior title, and that's RuPaul. There will never be anyone or anything like her ever again in this life or the next. I am honored she looked my way and brought what I do into the light.

Looking back on the episode, would you have done anything differently to avoid elimination?
Yes, I would have tried harder to learn the breath and timing of the acting challenge section, [but] I would not have changed. I remain true to my club kid esthetic. I will, in the future, mix and heat it up. But I will never leave the base of who I am. There are many out there in club land and art land who see what I do as a beacon of their accomplishments. To the artists and club kids out there, to you I say, "Come to me, let's revamp this planet."

What moment of the show do you feel you shined the brightest?
All of them, hun. None of these girls have that many iconic costume looks in their wardrobe, that gave that much charisma, in such a short time. Also, let's not forget Ornacia. She's part of that as well

What first attracted you to drag?
Watching fierce queens who came before me perform and execute fierceness on the runway while perfuming their tracks. Girlina, Candace Cayne, Onyx, Tina Sparkles & Shequida. Huniii these girls knew how to turn it out but also made you wish if you were in their skin doing it.

What advice would you give to a young queen who is just beginning drag?
Find your art and own it be the fiercest at it. Do it because you love it, not because you want to become an overnight star.

What's next after RuPaul?
I have a mini EP coming out shortly on iTunes it's called Pride and geared towards all the Pride parties. [One of the track on the EP] is called "Fierce and Gorgeous." it stands for "Fierce and Gorgeous, Gorgeous Over Time." The acronym spelled is F.A.G.G.O.T. It's about taking a negative that society forces on us and turning it into a positive. So the next time someone says the "f" word we say, "Yes, I am fierce and gorgeous." It's time we owned this word. Never let anyone take our light.

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