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WATCH: GLAAD Videos Promote Bisexual Awareness, Shatter Myths

WATCH: GLAAD Videos Promote Bisexual Awareness, Shatter Myths


The two videos debunk misconceptions about bisexuality and offer tips for bi allies.

Two videos released by GLAAD last week for Bisexual Awareness Week and the the 15th annual Celebrate Bisexuality Day aim to continue promoting awareness and understanding.

The first video starts by debunking common misconceptions about bisexuals. "I'm 300 percent bisexual. 100 percent for the men. 100 percent for the women. And 100 percent for everybody else that doesn't fit those narrow categories," one participant says of his response to those who ask which gender he's attracted to. Then participants answer the question ofwhat their bisexuality looks like, a continuation of the hashtag #MyBisexualityLooksLike that trended briefly on Celebrate Bisexuality Day. "My bisexuality looks brand-new, blossoming, and finally figuring out my own wants and needs," said one participant.

The second video was released to help promote good practices for allies of bisexuals. "I'll use the example of my wife," said one bisexual man. "When I came out to her as bisexual, she had lots of questions she didn't know many bisexual people. She educated herself about bisexuality, and because she was able to do that we are still together today and we're very happy."

The videos, filmed in front of the historic Stonewall Inn in New York City, were released one the heels of GLAAD announcing a "bisexual win" after conversations with Slate editors over a biphobic piece by the online magazine's syndicated advice columnist, Emily Yoffe.

Watch the videos below.

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