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Funny or Die Is Training Bathroom Cops

Bathroom Police Officer Tracy Cox

The folks at Funny or Die are taking the piss out of transphobic “bathroom bills” that bar trans folks from using facilities that correspond with their gender identity. 

In the video published Wednesday, aspiring bathroom cops meet “Officer Tammy Cox,” who schools new recruits in the primary mission of all bathroom police: “to uphold the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act, and keep every one of our great country’s public restrooms a safe and wholesome place.”

If the title of that act sounds familiar, it should: the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act is the formal name of North Carolina’s controversial (and possibly illegal) anti-LGBT law better known as House Bill 2. The fictional officer later name-drops HB 2 when removing someone from the women’s room who is deemed to be “in possession of an illegal ding-dong.”

Officer Cox instructs fellow bathroom cops to greet each citizen as they enter the restroom, then promptly demand to see proof of gender, like an ID card “or a Xerox copy of your genitals.” If the citizen is “evasive,” further investigation is required, the officer instructs. 

“Should you encounter a situation where it’s unclear if a citizen has a bulge of a flattie, you should conduct an HTC,” which stands for “hand-to-crotch” inspection, explains Officer Cox. 

She closes by offering a handy mnemonic device to aspiring officers working to remember proper potty police protocol: ASS, which stands for “Address, Scan, and Send ‘em Packing!”

The comedy site previously created satirical tourism videos for North Carolina, Mississippi, and Tennessee, after all three states enacted anti-LGBT legislation, most of which targets trans citizens specifically. 

Watch Funny or Die’s latest video below.

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