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Bizarre Lesbian Fraud Leads to Sex, Marriage, and Prison

Bizarre Lesbian Fraud Leads to Sex, Marriage, and Prison


In a strange case out of Lufkin, Texas, one woman pretends to be her own doctor in order to get another woman in bed -- and to the altar.


One lesbian has gone to rather bizarre lengths to hook up with her friend in a strange case that may land the Lufkin, Texas, woman in jail for a year, according to the Lufkin Daily News. Even worse? The fraud led to a civil union.

Thirty-year-old Angela Buchanan, who is awaiting trial at Angelina County Jail, was arrested for online impersonation on Monday after confessing the whole story to police.

It's convoluted, so read this slowly: Buchanan knew the victim (her friend, who is 51 years old and not identified by name to the media) for seven years. According to Lufkin's Jessica Cooley, Buchanan had told her friend previously that she had a close relationship with her physician (known as "Doc") and that she had been treated for breast cancer in 2008.

In March 2012, Buchanan contacted her friend using Yahoo! Messanger while using the handle "Doc," and pretending to be her own gynocologist. As "Doc," Buchanan told her friend that she had a "pre-cancerous mass" in her breast which could be cured by hormone production caused by sexual activity. Basically, have sex with my patient and you can save her life.

The friend is an "ex-gay" who came out as lesbian at 13 but later left the lesbian community, according to Cooley, "because she now feels it is morally wrong." She told police that Buchanan had hit on her before but she always said no. But with the doctor's insistence, she relented to have sex with Buchanan to save her life, per doctor's orders.

After the sexual relationship began, "Doc" continued to advise on the type and frequeny of the couple's sex and the victim convinced Buchanan to have a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. But, when the victim picked up Buchanan from the hospital, the surgeon told her Buchanan had only had a breast augmentaion. Somehow she still let it slide, and by that summer the two women had gone to Massachusettes to get legally married, in part because "Doc" had convinced the victim that it would help Buchanan retain custody of the twins she shared custody of with her former lesbian partner.

According to Cooley, the victim's daughter urged her to check into this "Doc" and when she did she discovered that "Doc" was in fact Buchanan and that there had never been any breast cancer -- in 2008 or 2012. So she called police and told them she would never have had a relationship with Buchanan without the fraud. Police arrested Buchanan and charged her with online impersonation, which is a Class A misdemeanor in Texas. Now she faces up to a year in prison.

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