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Anti-HERO Champion Defends Man Busted Taking Secret Photos in Bathroom

Jared Woodfill

Attorney Jared Woodfill, the ringleader of the successful campaign to repeal Houston's nondiscrimination ordinance, is reportedly representing a man who has been sued for secretly taking photos of naked women in a bathroom. The campaign used the slogan "No Men In Women's Bathrooms" to stir fears of transgender individuals.

According to the Houston Press, local businessman BJ Farmer hid in a shower during a pool party at a private home ten years ago, and took cellphone pictures of seven women who were changing out of their swimsuits. Farmer is being sued by one of the women, Andrea Villarreal, for invasion of privacy and defamation of character for making misogynistic comments about her online using fake user names.

Villarreal learned of the photos existence earlier this year, after being contacted by Farmer's wife who found the pictures on his laptop during divorce proceedings. Woodfill said in court filings that the case is "frivolous," "harassing" and "brought in bad faith"; he claimed the lawsuit is motivated by his client's ex-wife as an attempt to slander his character.

Woodfill filed the lawsuit against Houston Mayor Annise Parker that led to a Texas Supreme Court decision that forced the city to put HERO on the ballot. At the event celebrating the ordinance's defeat, Woodfill declared "Houston has spoken loudly and clearly that we don't want men in women's restrooms."

Farmer admitted during a deposition that he "did not know" if Villarreal knew she was being photographed. Woodfill, however, claims that she had "full knowledge" that Farmer was taking pictures. “Surely if it bothered her, she would not have been in front of multiple other people, including men,” he wrote in the filing. “If she was so concerned about her privacy, she would not have been an active participant."

During the deposition Farmer told attorneys it was a "stupid, you know, idea at the time while we were drinking." He also admitted to doing the same thing on multiple occasions and fondling an unconscious nude woman at another party.

Woodfill continues to stoke fears of transgender women using the restroom. After the Dallas City Council passed gender identity nondiscrimination protections yesterday, he rushed to denounce the new law saying the "new Dallas ordinance is a threat to safety and freedom."

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