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Man Stabs Another Man After They Have Sex, Yells He’s Not Gay

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A man has been sentenced for attacking another with a knife after the victim refused to continue having sex with the man.

A man in Liverpool, England, has been sentenced to three years after he stabbed another man 12 times while shouting "I'm not f****** gay" after the two had sex.

Stephen Taylor and the victim had met at a friend's house in June of last year. Taylor introduced himself as "Tyson." The friend told the victim that Taylor was straight.

Later that night, Taylor and the victim left the party. Taylor contacted the victim, and the victim paid for Taylor's taxi to come to his apartment. While having a drink, Taylor grabbed the victim's penis, prosecutor Neil Bisarya said in court, according to The Liverpool Echo.

Bisarya said that the victim said, "Bloody hell, Tyson, what you doing?" and that Taylor replied, "Don't you want a bit of fun?"

The victim then said "you're straight, I'm gay" and Bisarya said the two laughed the situation off.

However, Taylor did it again. He then kissed the victim and the victim let Taylor perform a sex act on him. They then went to the bedroom and had sex. The victim declined to have sex a certain way, according to the prosecution. They then went back to the living room.

Taylor grew enraged after the victim declined to perform a sex act on him. He stabbed the victim in the chest with a knife the victim said was from his kitchen. Grabbing the man's penis in a "painful and hard squeeze," Taylor jumped on top of the victim and stabbed him in the neck.

Bisarya said Taylor continued stabbing the victim while he attempted to escape. He stabbed him in the face, nearly "missing his eyes."

The victim was able to hit Taylor over the head with a glass, but Taylor began choking him. The victim was able to trip Taylor and grab the knife.

Throughout the attack, the victim said Taylor could let him go. "Let me call an ambulance, you don't need to do this," the victim said, according to Bisarya. Taylor refused and yelled at the victim. Bisarya said that Taylor kept yelling, "I'm not f****** gay" and that the victim was a "f****** faggot."

Thinking he was going to die, the victim managed to try to leave before Taylor tackled him into the apartment's hallway. They fought there before they both fell down the stairs.

Taylor left and the victim was able to call for help.

Police arrived and found the victim covered in blood, according to The Liverpool Echo.

They then arrested Taylor shortly after as reports had come in about a naked man walking the streets.

Taylor told the police, "I didn't do it."

The victim had a deep wound in the left side of his neck, with cuts to his right cheek and below his left eye two stab wounds to the right side of his chest; a stab wound to his left armpit; cuts to his left arm; and fractures to his right foot.

He said in a statement, "I feel I will never be the same again. What Stephen Taylor has done to me has both physically and emotionally broken me." The victim said that he has suffered from sleep issues, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder since the attack. He also can't work and has left his apartment. In the remarks, the victim said he had hoped that Taylor had realized what he had done. According to the Echo, Taylor shook his head.

The defense throughout the trial had argued that Taylor acted in self-defense. Anna Duke, Taylor's lawyer, said, "The defendant maintains that he was struck over the head with a bottle and, as a reaction to being assaulted first by the complainant, he instinctively grabbed a knife."

However, the judge told Taylor that he had "pestered" the victim for more sex.

"After he declined, you lost your temper and attacked him," Judge Garrett Byrne said. "Having seen the CCTV, it shows you are not trying to get out ... it shows you detaining the victim in order to continue the attack."

He added that it was "at least in part motivated by some homophobia, given the remarks attributed to you by the victim, which I conclude you did in fact use."

Taylor was found guilty of wounding the victim, but not of wounding with intent. He cried as the judge rejected those claims. When Taylor took his electronic tag off, he threw it across the room, yelling, "You can f****** have that, mate."

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