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In Conversation With Iconic Filmmaker Christine Vachon

Christine Vachon

Recently, I moderated a Q&A at the University of New Haven with legendary film producer Christine Vachon. Vachon counts Poison, Go Fish, Boys Don't Cry, Carol, and Kiss Me, Guido among her credits, which are approaching 100 feature films. Here she speaks discusses what stories she can't help but make.

Considering the fact that 2016 has marked the deadliest year for trans people, Vachon recalls the groundbreaking impact of Boys Don't Cry.

Vachon on the radical happy ending of Carol, the unexpected fans, and what makes it "insanely romantic."

She speaks to the lack of diversity in all categories of the Oscars and how she searches for material via her production company, Killer Films.

To conclude, she gives empowering advice to creators.

Video editing contributions by Julia Williamson

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