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Following a Transman's Transition in "Finding Kim"

Following a Trans Man's Transition in Finding Kim

Following a Trans Man's Transition in Finding Kim

Trans man Kim B. and director Aaron Bear discuss their recently released documentary Finding Kim.

The new documentary Finding Kim -- out now on VOD -- follows the harrowing transition of Kim B., a 53-year-old trans man living in Seattle. Transition stories have typically been told from the vantage point of trans women, and usually after the process is mostly completed. Finding Kim follows Kim B. through the beginning of transition and the conflicting emotions surrounding his journey.

Directed by Aaron Bear and Gabriel Bienczycki, Finding Kim is a brave statement from the doc's subject. Kim B.'s difficult top surgery is covered without glossing over the confusion and pain involved.

"[Bear and Bienczycki] made me see that it was important to show [the top surgery]," Kim B. tells The Advocate.

As difficult as filming was, Kim B. hopes his story serves as inspiration for other men like him: "A lot of older guys like me think they can't [transition], but it's not too late at all."

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